New TSA Identification Checking Machine at Dulles Airport

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    Today is training day at Dulles for the Transportation Security (Theatre) Administration. They have a new optical scanner to confirm passenger ID at the IAD security line. I wonder if this device checks against actual itineraries as the old visual check had a huge security hole. Agents checked photo ID against a paper ticket, but they had no clue if the paper ticket was real or fake. A total photoshop security failure.

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    1. Don Whiteside 46 months ago | reply

      It's only a security hole if you believe there's a real security risk in allowing non-flyers past the gate. Maybe it's a hole if you believe that the no-fly list accomplishes something - I am skeptical - since someone could buy a ticket under their name and then walk through security under another. But if you have a good enough ID to pass security then why wouldn't you just buy the ticket under that name?

      Not letting non-flyers past the check doesn't, to me, accomplish anything other than minimize the impact on security lines. Which isn't of 0 value but doesn't seem to be to be a security payoff.

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