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• Look in my first comment to see the animation •


This is for the Fix My Pic Please group.

From an original by trihawk.rm titled, metal cooler.


Here is a link to the animated movie of the edit. You can pause it, and use your arrow keys to see it frame by frame:


I thought this was an amazing image, I really liked the reflection and dimension. It reminded me of a 3D model. This time I did an animated .gif for the fix, playing off the reflection.


I duplicated the original several times...6 in all. I applied color balance to the first three, pushing the magenta and red to give the image a purple cast. I then applied color balance to the next three pushing green and yellow. I used the lens flare on the purple images seperately...putting it in a different place each time. I did the same for the green, again in different places and also a different style flare.


I went back to the original image and duped this and put it as the top layer...and inverted it, so it was a negative of the original. I applied this layer as a hard light mode to bring out all the details in the background of the original artwork.


Once this was done...I saved it off as a .psd file to preserve the layers. I opened up ImageReady, which is a very cool animation program that comes with Photoshop. I started with eight frames...a progression of all of the indiviual layers, having the top inverted image on most. I inserted a new frame between each that was a copy of the prior one. I adjusted the layer above with a 50% opacity for better blending. This gave me a total of 15 frames.


I started with the second frame and clicked the arrow on the animation stage and selected "tween". A new window popped up with options...I selected 4 frames...this inserts 4 frames that the program blends. I did this progressively through the entire intitial frames and set my "tweens" anywhere from 3 to 8, you can choose all kinds of combinations. I also adjusted the time spacing from 0 sec to 0.1 to 0.2 sec, which adjusts the timing of the animation. This feature is fully customizable as well. On the final frame, which is a duplicate of the first I set the timing for 1 full second. This allowas the animation to pause a bit before it loops through again.


You have to save this off as "optimized" with a suffix of .gif. If you upload it to flickr only the "original" sze will look in my first comment below for the final animated result.


Thank you so much trihawk.rm for letting me work on your awesome image, it was a lot of fun.

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Taken on September 30, 2008