• Most stars can be seen here, but only in large and on black...
  • Unfortunately i don't know who this statue depicts. I've been searching the internet but didn't find anything... :-(
  • Many people were walking here. The long exposure time made them disappear :-)
  • Beginning of the fence, which went until the middle of the Charles bridge. That's why i didn't get any decent shot from the bridge itself.
  • The shadow of the statue looks a bit strange, as if it's only the shadow of the base. Maybe it's a statue of Lord Dracula? ;-)
  • The light was a bit too bright here, so i had to blend it with another exposure (So it wasn't 2 exposures, but more like 2 and 1/8 ;-))
  • Loved how those statues looked in front of the sky

Under A Starry Sky

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View On Black - to see the stars.


Two exposures (one shorter one longer) for the buildings and the statue. The exifs you see on flickr are for those shots.

The sky has been shot at ISO 3200 and f/2.8 to get as much stars as possible.

Blended in Photoshop manually

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  1. Vinko Sunde 72 months ago | reply

    Sehr schoene Aufname - besser gehtes nicht ! PS. Mit D-700 bin ich
    auch sehr zufrieden. Nikkor hat 14 - 24,fisch Auge - nano, mikro 105-
    nano, und 24 - 70 nano . Ausen 70 - 200, ales andere ist zweite klasse.
    Fuer meine 70 - 200 habe ich von Nikon Teleconverter TC-20EIII x2,
    Aspherical ! Das funkzioniren super. Ich habe auch D3X - 24 MP. aber
    ich verhalten meine D-700 auch, Alles gute !

  2. ninasclicks 72 months ago | reply

    Amazing! Great job!

  3. Mike G. K. 72 months ago | reply

    Stunning lighting and atmosphere !

  4. Erik Svamberk 72 months ago | reply

    This is Statue of Charles the IV. the most famous czech king and emperor of Rome imperium in the medieval age and is located on the Křížovnické Náměstí

  5. shuttermeister 71 months ago | reply

    What a fantastic piece of work you have done.

  6. TOMATRES - CARLOS ROJO 71 months ago | reply

    Simplemente fantastica

  7. 星月浪人 70 months ago | reply

    i like the starry night, it seems that the statue is thinking under the sky

  8. fdprx 69 months ago | reply

    Located in Old Town Prague, the Knight of the Cross Square (Krizovnicke namesti) is at the east end of Charles Bridge. A statue of Charles IV, the Church of St. Francis Seraphicus, and the Church of the Holy Savior are notable sights on this Prague square.

  9. theojames 69 months ago | reply

    youve got alot of comments and deservedly so, here's another one: stunning shot well done

  10. Indieboy330 69 months ago | reply

    I'll take a guess on the statue in front. Could it be St (KIng) Wenceslaus?

  11. Gillian94 67 months ago | reply

    one word WOW

  12. Emotioned.com 67 months ago | reply

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  13. Photo--Graphy [deleted] 65 months ago | reply

    Marvelous image.

    View my photos at bighugelabs.com

  14. Planeta Dunia 64 months ago | reply

    Bonito trabajo. Nice work.

  15. SGCampos 60 months ago | reply

    excellent sky

  16. elendil75 [deleted] 55 months ago | reply

    Great composition

  17. Cat baby 38 months ago | reply

    Love image!

  18. meypictures 19 months ago | reply

    Great composition

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