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Music has always been part of my life. It's been more than something I picked up in elementary school to appease my parents. While I did pick it up in elementary school, it was something I really really loved and took very seriously. When I first went to college, I started as a flute major but because of pretty bad ear issues, I could never hear when things were out of tune and in addition to that, I realized that music was (and still is) a very personal thing. The thought of teaching children to play musical instruments made my insides shudder. So I switched majors.


My grandfather played the clarinet and the tenor sax. I remember him visiting us and him bringing his clarinet. Bless his heart (as well as the rest of my family) he let me liberally play it/play with it. Playing his clarinet is what sparked my initial interest in music. When he passed away in 1998, I inherited his instruments and taught myself (for real) how to play the clarinet. It was how I mourned. And I have to say, while the loud squawky noises clarinets often make will always make me want to punch babies, I certainly have a new respect for clarinet players. Playing above the break (Above A) is what causes most of the "squaks" and it's a hard thing to control!


I was cleaning our craft room today and I came across these instruments and I played with them for a little bit. Little rusty but it was a great reunion!

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Uploaded on March 22, 2009