DIY Photography Softbox Contest
This was designed for softbox contest. Orginal plan was to have a black cloth exterior and a reflective/shiny silver interior. The base that mounts to the stand and holds the flashes was designed for thicker polls then I ended up using as the original polls were not as flexible as I thought and broke when bent to far. I ended up using steel plastic coated gardening rods. These were very flexible, and light weight. I was not able to use the fabric I purchased because my Sewing machine broke on me. So at the last minute I had to scramble and find a substitute. I ended up using white and black plastic table cloths, cut 4 panels of each color and taped together along the sides then each panel taped together. for the front diffusion panel I used a protective seat cover the came with a chair I ordered from target. It is about 2 feet wide in each direction.
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