Northern Lights
" When Men lack a sense of awe, There will be disaster "
- - - - Lao Tzu --- The Tao Teh Ching
Awe is what THIS is all about!!
The Aurora is an experience of breathtaking beauty... the viewing makes you feel like you are connected integrally with an amazing cosmic force ..... Aurora watching is as addictive as any drug and a whole lot more satisfying. Once you become addicted, you stay out all night, lose sleep, forget about social commitments, nearly get wind burned and frostbit and it's all, deeply, worth it !!
Every human being who can manage it should make a pilgrimage to the subarctic auroral zone in order to see and feel this at least once in their life.
Most of these were taken with either a Praktica or an amazing old Russian Kiev-19 35mm SLR. This camera , which I still use for night sky photos, NEVER freezes up or has any shutter problems in the cold, even at minus 60!! The more expensive Japanese and German cameras which I own always, or at least often, stop functioning in the deep cold.
APOLOGIES to my viewers : Most of this set was shot on film and I now realize that my early scans of the negatives, which I used in posting here, were of absolutely awful, grainy quality, quite unrepresentative of the pictures' actual quality ... I've since learned how to obtain quality scans and sincerely hope ... someday ... to find the time to replace many of these with improved scans ....
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