Aurora Rising

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    This deep red hue is seldom noticed by human eyes which evolved for use in the blinding light of day, but easily accumulates over seconds on sensitive film or large, well tuned digital sensors ... It is often present in seemingly faint Auroral displays which some photographers might ignore.
    Over some 40 years of skywatching I've learned to detect it in the voids between bright lanes of Aurora which seem blacker than the empty sky background. It becomes easier to see for very night adapted eyes ... say, after around a hour or so of immersion in darkness away from all artificial light sources. For this reason , I try to do my Aurora photography in absolute isolation from electric light ... I do not use flashlights at all and rudely warn any companions to keep theirs OFF ...
    To carry man-made electricity around while immersed in the beauty of night strikes me as analogous to entering some ancient and sacred temple with a boombox blaring ...
    (Aurora from north of Whitehorse, September, 2011)

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    1. Gem Images 27 months ago | reply

      The majesty continues!

    2. jasbond007 27 months ago | reply

      Another beautiful shot, David. Interesting what you say about red hues. Living way away from city lights certainly has its advantages!

    3. goldrooster707 27 months ago | reply

      gorgeous colors of the aurora. great capture.
      like your aurora images. thanks for shared.

    4. Fizgig=) 27 months ago | reply

      Fitting title, gorgeous colors, excellent shooting =)

    5. NatureFreak07 27 months ago | reply

      Epic man, epic!

    6. *HamimCHOWDHURY* [Only Posting photos ] 27 months ago | reply

      superb shot
      Like this perspective, this is way nice experience, i like the text too,

    7. touchingthelight 27 months ago | reply

      Magnificent. I just have to come north David, I just have to. Are you still driving the bus?

    8. yukonchris 27 months ago | reply

      Wow! I love aurora photos, good ones anyway, and this is one of the best I've seen! Brilliant work indeed!

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