Christmas Card

Taken during the very wee hours of the morning, Feb. 28, up at Eagle Plains, in the northern Yukon.

After the NHK film crew arrived, with 2 vehicles I began to have difficulty recording the sky, since they kept turning their engines on in order to warm up, or get light for adjusting their gear, or whatever, so I kept getting these scarlet hued forests, courtesy of a couple sets of Chevy tail-lights.

( Warning to Aurora hunters: Do NOT buy a new Chevy Suburban, since the headlights can NOT be turned off while the engine is running .. this is very bad ....)

That, however, was the least of my problems ... First off, on this, our first night up there, we missed the active part of this show, by sleeping in a bit too much, as the weather suddenly changed from extreme blizzard to crystal clear.

Then, I had a 35mm camera suffer a sudden, and apparently permanent, death of it's shutter release. Shortly thereafter, my brand new, $400 Samyang 14mm f2.8 lens began inexplicably to pruduce ugly blurry pictures. I ran back to the Eagle Plains Lodge to grab some more lenses, which I'd sleepily forgotten, and, upon returning, found my dear wife holding the entire convex outer glass lens element assembly in one hand, the body of the lens in her other hand ..... It had just fallen out of the lens barrel into the snow ... Not good behavior for a new lens. (This lens is now somewhere across the continent, lost to me for the remainder of the season .... I'm hoping to get satisfaction from that company, or else ....)

At any rate, it was still a beautiful night, and the color contrast in some of these images reminds me of Christmas cards ...

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Taken on February 28, 2011