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The New World

As our starship settles into orbit around this lovely new world, we begin to perceive strangely yet reassuringly Earthlike features ....

As on the world of our birth, the Polar region is bathed in light, while at more temperate latitudes we start to make out the shape of a great continent, with contours remarkably similiar to that of North America .... Could it be that we have somehow actually returned to Earth, but an Earth on which we see the future or past continental margins, as shaped by eons of geological change, and rising sea level ?????

While we slept, did the time dilation effects of interstellar travel return us to a home which has been fast forwarded millions of years into the future ??

( actually, another inverted Peleng fisheye shot of the midnight Arctic horizon .... the N. America like "continent" is a drk swath of cloudy sky ...)

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Taken on June 25, 2008