reel #42 - boston etc, 1972
Southwestern South Dakota; Denver, Colorado; Boston, Massachusetts; New York, NY

Set originally labeled "Summer '72 (Cute Maggie)"

Set includes photographs of:

- A junkyard in Rapid City, SD.

- A pow-wow, the Oglala Sioux Sun Dance & Rodeo

- Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. South Dakota

- Various rural scenes: trains, prairie dogs, grasslands, sunsets, rainclouds

- Various sights in Denver, Colorado, including Sid King's Crazy Horse Bar and the Denver Zoo

- Socializing with friends and Maggie undergoing an examination in a doctor's office

- An unidentified modern dance performance, possibly in New York City

- Several shots of the railroad trench on the west side of Manhattan, NYC

- A Beacon Hill Little League dinner and awards ceremony at the Charles Street Meeting House, Boston

- A little league baseball game on Beacon Hill

- The people and city life of Boston, various locations about the city; Boston street fairs; Boston Public Garden

- Beacon Hill election headquarters for Virgil Aiello, Ward 5 Republican candidate for State House

- An unidentified trip to Asia (possibly Taiwan)

- Color tests, featuring Quentin and Thalia

- Mannequins in a Boston storefront window

- A multicultural arts and crafts fair on Beacon Hill; holiday bazaar and community auction at Hill House

- A casual social gathering of friends at the DeWolf home on Beacon Hill

- A reception at the Beacon Hill firehouse, honoring Boston Pops conductor Arthur Fielder

- The Boston Public Garden

- The Bull & Finch Pub on Beacon Hill

- An anti-war march in Copley Square, Boston

- Casual moments among friends

Part of an archival project, featuring the photographs of Nick DeWolf. Image numbers indicate reel number and image number on reel.

(#'s 311-313 non-existent, due to numbering error)
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