Firefox (on a development branch) passing the Acid2 test

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    This is a build of Firefox on the reflow branch, a development branch on which I'm making major changes to the way Gecko does intrinsic width computation and incremental layout, showing the Acid2 test being passed.

    If you're curious about the reflow branch: it's still not ready for testing, although hopefully it will be in a few weeks (once form controls can be turned on again and the table code gets a bit more work).

    Update: These changes landed on the trunk on December 7, 2006, so the latest trunk builds now pass the Acid2 test.

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    1. hakonlo 95 months ago | reply

      @mu22le: That is Metacity, Gnome's window manager, using some incarnation of the clearlooks theme. Probably on Linux (or *BSD. Or Solaris).

    2. xBoom151 92 months ago | reply

      Firefox 3.0a doesn't pass the Acid2 test. What Firefox is that??

    3. Atomic1fire 92 months ago | reply

      its probably the reference page

    4. silicon.salamander 91 months ago | reply

      This is not a fake. Nor is it the normal 3.0 alpha build (the 3.0a1 build still does not pass Acid2).

      You can see for yourself by downloading the installer from Mozilla:

      Open this folder, locate the latest build, and install. I'm typing this message in the 10/22 reflow nightly build right now. And Yes, it does pass the Acid2 test.

      I can't wait till FireFox 3 is released!

    5. sla80 91 months ago | reply

      Yes, it IS real! :)

      Get FIREFOX 3.0 ALPHA (this is direct link to installer), and see this yourself!

    6. dbaron 90 months ago | reply

      These changes have now landed on the trunk, so the latest trunk builds pass the Acid2 test.

    7. paulcalypse 90 months ago | reply

      Very nice! You got dugg!

    8. 0b1ivion 90 months ago | reply

      kudos to the developers

    9. Visnes 90 months ago | reply

      Finally. Great work guys! :)

    10. defunctlife 90 months ago | reply

      Excellent news, open source ftw.

    11. rowast 90 months ago | reply

      that is awesome, good work.

    12. szzuk 90 months ago | reply

      Well done dude.

    13. treyjp 90 months ago | reply

      great news, let's see IE try to compete with this...

    14. Vinnl 90 months ago | reply

      So... Why did you hide the URL?

    15. mosesofmason 90 months ago | reply

      wow! can't wait any longer to use Fx 3 ~

    16. fabbio 89 months ago | reply

      :-) this is a happy morning

    17. Acid Zebra 89 months ago | reply

      yay! I also love the move to Cairo. excellent!

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