• We recommend that clients try some paid search to generate a baseline cost per visitor and conversion. That number becomes something against which to compare all other marketing costs.
  • Social media isn't a fad--it's changing the fabric of the web. However, the tools are faddish, and change rapidly. Peace out, MySpace.
  • Steve Smith from Webnames.ca mentioned that social media breeds a sense of intimacy--a good point.
  • In reference to the Domino's Pizza debacle, I thought Domino's should have aggressively promoted the offending store's location. That puts every other franchise in the country is in the clear.
  • I really like what Starbucks has done with My Starbucks Idea.
  • I explain the cocktail party rule in this video.
  • I love measuring stuff, but there's also an art to all forms of marketing.
  • That should say 'FreshBooks', not 'QuickBooks'. My point: how do you measure the ROI on running supper clubs with customers?
  • What's the ROI on sending Triscuits to Fiji? Some acts of marketing are immeasurable.
  • From James Sherrett--most adveritsing is an act of faith.

Notes from IIMA Talk on Social Media and ROI - Page One, Top Half

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