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Morning Schooling

Twice every week, kennels bring their dogs to the track for morning schooling. The lights turn on at 3:30 am and it lasts until 6:30 am. Each kennel is allowed seven races, and anywhere from 1-4 greyhounds will run together at a time. Each greyhound runs only one race.


Morning schooling serves several purposes. It helps to get dogs in shape, keep them in shape, and acclimate them to the track oval shape and surface. For young dogs just coming in from the farm, it gives the trainer an opportunity to evaluate their running style before they are entered in official schooling (more on official schooling later!). Morning schooling goes very quickly; races are run one right after another.


Dogs are either hand-slipped during morning schooling or released from the schooling starting box, which is a 4-hole, movable starting box. The schoolers are hand-slipped at various positions on the track, depending on fitness and reason for schooling.




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Taken on July 28, 2011