Diplodocus Table
The word "diplodocus" was derived from the latin for 'double beam,' after a skeletal feature shared by the massive sauropod diplodocus carnegii and its namesake, this broad–shouldered oaken table.

Designed for the maximized seating comfort of a large number of users, the table's thick trunk-like legs are mounted to the sides and set in from the ends. The legs bear the weight of the tabletop on splined shoulders, and are locked in place by two skirt-beams mounted with unglued dovetails. These make the legs unusually sturdy while allowing the wood to expand and contract as it will. Two swayback beams run along the length of the underside, tenoned into the skirt beams. Their shape keeps tension on the long, broad tabletop, ensuring that it stays flat.

We make this table from locally reclaimed old growth white barn oak and finish it with our favorite hardwax oil. The Diplodocus Table is available in custom lengths and widths. Contact us for pricing and availability!
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