• These are the ERT probes in action. There are 64 of them at 20cm spacing. The yellow cable connects the probes.
  • This is the geophysics study area
  • Weather station, TDR and soil temperature sensors buried outside the archaeological feature
  • TDR and soil temperature sensors buried inside the archaeological feature
  • The spectro-radiometer
  • This tape is a spectro-radiometry transect
  • Rob is at the laptop that controls the ERT survey
  • Van Walt down-borehole TDR sensor outside the archaeology
  • Van Walt down-borehole TDR sensor in the archeaology
  • Van Walt TDR logger
  • Trench excavated to install sensors
  • cable drum for the ERT- these hold a lot of cable....
  • bucket for ERT probes
  • my gubbins
  • robfry2000No real name given

This is what we do

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Kite aerial photo: Monthly survey in progress on the clay site in Cambridgeshire.
I like this photo. It shows the different elements of the project quite nicely. Please see the notes on the photo.

  1. John Wells (West Lothian Archaeological Trust) 42 months ago | reply

    I like this photo too ;o)
    Do you have one of the Gloucestershire site?

  2. Archaeobobalist 42 months ago | reply

    no, sadly there was no wind on one test site and on the other I had to take the kite down because I was flying too close to the outdoor pigs- apparently they get spooked by the kite.

    Added to my experience of livestock and KAP- sheep and cows don't seem bothered, horses get mesmerised....

  3. toQDuj 41 months ago | reply

    Funky :). Did you find anything?

  4. Archaeobobalist 41 months ago | reply

    Not really so much a matter of finding something as much as repeating the survey over the same feature every month to see how the response changes

  5. toQDuj 41 months ago | reply

    Oh good, rigor! Good to see more people spending effort to do something statistically significant :). Keep up the good work!

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