Parallels: Lowell Artists
Lowell and Worcester are parallel universes of possibility, places where outsiders and nonconformists are welcome to be themselves and create their own trajectories. Although they have so much in common, they do not know each other well.

The purpose of this exhibition is to introduce these cities to each other, specifically through their visual art scenes. The guest curators, Robb Sandagata and Tom Fiorelli—current Lowell residents (and artists) who have lived and participated in both art scenes—have carefully chosen a group of Lowell artists that cuts across age, media, and other superficial boundaries. They hope that this show is the beginning of a dialogue between artists, cities, and art scenes, and an opportunity to form new relationships and collaborations.

Angela Ales, Hazel Ang, Michele Boll, Steve Clements, Michael F. Dailey Jr., Alexandra Derderian, Ben Donahue, Jeff Engel, Eyeformation, Barbara Gagel, Susan Garry, Markus Haala, Alanna Jay, Koichiro Kurita, Yary Livan, Roneld Lores, John Corey Luebbers, Denise Manseau, Nick McKnight, Lindsey Parker, Cheryl Polcaro, Emily Sandagata, Eleni Zohdi
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