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why i drove 400 miles to take a polaroid

polaroid night photography at the very large array (vla) outside of datil, new mexico.

day one of 'Roid Week 2008


if you are interested in how i did this, it's kinda easy...


a) set your polaroid sx-70/680/690 on a tripod. they don't lock too well to the tripod btw, be careful about overtightening.


b) set focus to manual and focus on infinity.


c) cover the photocell with a finger while pressing the shutter.


d) after the shutter has fired, open the front of the camera using the release (like you use to take out/put in film). this turns off the electronics and locks the shutter open. as soon as you are doing this, the film is being exposed....


e) start timing..... when you think you've gone long enough, close the front of the camera and then fire the shutter button again. in a short moment the film will eject.


f) wait... look at the pola with a flashlight, or even better in the car/house. reshoot as needed. i tried basing the exposure off the D3, but it didn't work. reciprocity failure, i suppose....


oh! and the reason that the dish is lit up like that was that the (more-or-less) full moon had just risen a couple of minutes before the shot. the colors in the sky are from the twilight, not light pollution.

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Taken on April 21, 2008