• I like this little flare<3 - deeisstillintheclouds
  • The catch lights in her eye are gorgeous. - Ben Zank
  • Expansion line :) love you! - Rachael Putt
  • This whole photo is stellar, but this here is even more stellar. - Touryn
  • I love this bit here!
    And don't we all dream of meeting someone like that? Just willing to go with all of our odd ideas? Haha - Lauryn Victoria
  • her hair<3 - jesuismeganjean
  • i actually can't see it on my screen, haha. can anyone else see it besides rachael and kiara?
  • yes :) - ::daughteroftheking::
  • Yeah, here's the expansion line :P - eric albee
  • I'm always attracted to the bokeh...
    No but seriously, dead. - emsbems94
  • fixed now, i think?
  • Yup. Tilt your screen a lil bit maybe. - GillyFace
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  • it's actually still there... :/ - Mary Jo.
  • now? haha it sucks because i honestly can't even see it on my monitor :(
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The midnight messenger.

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This is Candace, an extremely bold person for getting into my car and driving up to the mountains with me, a person she had only ever really talked to on the internet, (and said hi to on campus once) and allowing that person to take pictures of her after walking around in the forest for hours. Weirdo, right?

We found an awesome old bridge in the middle of the woods in Mt. Baldy when we were trying to find somewhere to shoot. It's the coolest place I've seen there, and I plan on going back this summer.

Looks nice on black.

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  1. Merelle 23 months ago | reply

    Love the lighting! She looks like a pixie or some mythical creature!

  2. Baniaz 23 months ago | reply

    LOL the description made me smile
    This is a fantastic piece of work

  3. Nadine www.nadinesilva.it 23 months ago | reply

    Stunning portrait. Great job and kudos to Candance for being such a good sport!
    Have a lovely Monday :-)

  4. viyan1 23 months ago | reply

    Outstanding light

  5. JasonTank 23 months ago | reply

    You lit your model well. She's stunning. And so is the photo!

  6. Grant Walter 23 months ago | reply

    nice job. The word 'traveller' came to mind before I saw the title. Thats a sweet lantern!

  7. Håvard Hole 23 months ago | reply

    The light is perfect. So warm and playful; I really love lights from candles. Also how it shines in her eyes are great, I really like this. The location also helps building a good and warm, but yet kinda lost, atmosphere :) great work!

  8. Schuldenrein 23 months ago | reply

    The candle flame looks fiercely huge, I love how the fiels of light looks like it's seeping into the darkness and turning it light, not the other way around. Goes perfectly with her almost mischievous expression.
    Oh, how I love old bridges in the woods. Makes my week to find them when venturing, lucky you!

  9. Sabah Syed 23 months ago | reply

    a.she is stunning
    b.you are amazing.
    c. the end.

  10. artos_thebear 23 months ago | reply

    Gorgeous, and very mysterious! I love how much story is implied in this.

  11. ZOU Zhi 23 months ago | reply

    A: it's a beautiful photography

  12. joy.hsu 23 months ago | reply

    This is SUCH an awesome picture of Candace- I knew she'd make a wonderful muse/model some day! :) Keep up the awesome photography!

  13. Connor Pritchett 23 months ago | reply

    I cant believe your 365 projects almost over!!!! Over the second half of this project you have really come into your own as a Flickr photographer who actually does post bloddy top notch and 'wow' moment pictures, No pressure or anything but your last one has to be special =)

  14. trythesky 23 months ago | reply

    This is awesome. There's a very real Tori vibe about this to me.

  15. Aweglemor 22 months ago | reply

    so mysterious ! i really need to find some lantern ! :)

  16. Hörspielhörerin [www.rebekkaplies.de] 19 months ago | reply

    amazing portrait - brilliantly done!

  17. Xvant 13 months ago | reply

    lovely film look

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