The climb to discovery.

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I love how much this project has pushed me to get out in nature, every single day, and find new locations I'd never have thought of. Along the way I've seen some of the most beautiful things I feel I'll ever witness - giant waterfalls, massive beach lagoons, sunsets and sunrises that have been completely indescribable, and fields and roads that seem never to end.

On a different note, I'd also like to mention that I recorded my q&a video. Please excuse my cookie-consumption.

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  1. Paul Jakob Klammer [deleted] 35 months ago | reply

    just flawless. so good.

  2. Hugo Martel 35 months ago | reply

    It's really beautiful ! Visit my gallery too !

  3. Gigi1122 35 months ago | reply

    I am jealous, I wish I had easier access to such beautiful places as well!

  4. Minaal(i) 35 months ago | reply

    This is one of your best photographs. Amazing.

  5. lydiargh 35 months ago | reply

    The amount of detail on this is gorgeous! I will never understand how you manage to do self-portraits so perfectly, you're an inspiration.

  6. mbeh! 35 months ago | reply

    love this so much, its so nice! lovely depth of field!

    check out my print giveaway!

  7. gurbir.grewal 35 months ago | reply

    the light hitting you in this is absolutely perfect. I don't' know what you do to achieve the colours you do, especially on your skin - but it's amazing!

  8. marcus mb 35 months ago | reply

    this is sick! holy .. wow.
    The leafs adds so much to it! it's indescribable awesome!

  9. taylor auwarter [deleted] 35 months ago | reply

    Your expression.. You would make a fantastic actor.

  10. Valerie Kasinski 35 months ago | reply

    you are so unbelievable at getting the perfect focus in difficult locations! It's hard to get in focus what I want sometimes and it seems to come so naturally for you. this is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. :)

  11. Ellwantstoholdyourhand<3 35 months ago | reply

    This is so beautiful<3 Your expression is just stunning and the focus is marvelous as well<333 Oh, and the angle!

  12. lenju4 35 months ago | reply

    The location is really beautiful:) I love those dark tones!

  13. LunaG. 35 months ago | reply

    Your expressions are always so perfect. Love your work!

  14. Rainey Z 35 months ago | reply

    Oh my bygoshgoodness, David, this is beautiful! I love love love the tones, and the greens of the leaves. The DOF is perfect as is your expression! This photo makes me want to go live in the woods for, I dunno, forever.

  15. RobGreen83 35 months ago | reply

    you are i think my fav photographer currently posting to flicker. your imagination is amazing, 365 is not enough so please just keep going :)

  16. Jennifer Ilene! 35 months ago | reply

    This is just gorgeous! :-)

  17. vanessa.paxton 33 months ago | reply

    LOVE this one. You nailed everything. Your expression is perfect.

  18. aislinfall 26 months ago | reply

    god, this is fantastic! i love the foreground. it adds such dimension to the picture.

  19. Country Music :) 26 months ago | reply

    Whoa all those greens in the foreground are fantastic! This reminds me a little bit of Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer :P

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