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Kiwi Bear

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Image used for Campaign magazine (4th May, 2007:32)
Friends of the Earth 'Green Film Competition':
I set up my photo shoot for the juicy fruit that is the Kiwi fruit, and I spotted this 'animal' in the core of the fruit.

How I did it? I used my flexible desk lamp (100W) and set that on a chair with the lamp tilting upwards. I then placed the chair next to a table and then balanced a clear, saucepan lid over the edge (thus the lamp light would be under the lid) and place a 5mm slice of Kiwi onto the lid to get the backlight coming through the seeds.

If you would like to publish any of my photographs, please contact me and state the publication details and requirements.

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  1. Ashenzil 101 months ago | reply

    Sometimes working with macros can be a daunting task. We are so not used to see things that close, that at first everything we capture feels interesting. But I think this macro is really beautiful. Your subject here is wonderful, and even more pretty with this soft, vivid light. I like off-centered composition. The negative space gives more importance to the seeds. I like it, it feels refreshing and original compared to many macro shots. The colors are amazing. Very crisp and detailed image. A beautiful shot. Nice work.

    Rating #7:

    Rated 8 out of 10 in the 100 Points group.

  2. Steve from NJ 101 months ago | reply

    I like the creativity. The colors are very attractive, and I like the great patterns made by the kiwi. Good colors, with contrasting black seeds.As far as the crop, I feel the left is ok, I would actually like a little more left in top and bottom, to allow a complete set of the seeds.

    Rating #8:

    Rated 8 out of 10 in the 100 Points group.

  3. RichGreenePhotography.com 101 months ago | reply

    Rating #9:

    I can definitely see the dancing bear here. This is a really nice shot. Love the colors, and the composition -- I don't think I'd follow the suggested crop if it were my photo.

    The thing that would make it complete for me, is seeing more of the seeds at the top -- I'm a nut for symmetry and it just seems a bit lacking without them.

    Thanks for taking us through your procedure for capturing this shot. I love reading about the inventive things people do to try something a little different.

    Rated 9 out of 10 in the 100 Points group.

  4. dhansak79 101 months ago | reply

    Wonderful shot. I really like the colour and the abstract treatment of the fruit. This would probable look great as abstract art printed onto canvas.

    I think that the suggested crop works too although they way you have it is equally good in my opinion.

    Rating #10:

    Rated 9 out of 10 in the 100 Points group.

  5. Sergio Lubezky 101 months ago | reply

    Final rating in the 100 Points group is a massive 85 Points.

    Well done!

    Please request entry and publish this photograph in the 80-89 Points group and thank you very much for participating in the 100 Points group.

  6. =Tom= 100 months ago | reply

    I like this image and agree that the potential crop could help but then you wouldnt have effective use of space on the left of the image. You really could go either way on it. Nice job!

  7. snekse 98 months ago | reply

    Great idea with the lamp.

  8. Ksionic 95 months ago | reply

    Great color!

  9. Fir.. 93 months ago | reply

    Very creative, I might give it a try :) Thanks for sharing :)

  10. true love waits 92 months ago | reply

    great lighting, thanks for explaining how you did it to us!! and i don't agree with the crop suggestion... i like it off-center. otherwise you just get the core of the fruit and my favorite part of the photo is the juicy quality of the left hand side.

  11. Marina Dik. [deleted] 91 months ago | reply


  12. Alastair Halliday 87 months ago | reply

    I know that there is some cultural misunderstandings here, but I am trying to educate without being too much of a pain in the butt. Sorry if it comes off that way.

    a Kiwi is either a New Zealander (human) or the native New Zealand bird. What you have photographed is called "Kiwifruit." It should never be called "Kiwi." It would be equivalent to purchasing a candle from the store "Yankee Candle," going home, and then pointing to it and telling your friends that you purchased a Yankee.

  13. premasagar 83 months ago | reply

    This image is fantastically vibrant - bursting with activity.

    Thanks a lot for your Creative Commons license. I've used the photo on a description of a new social media composting website:

  14. tallawah75 82 months ago | reply

    wonderful colours... it looks like a painting...

  15. miriness 76 months ago | reply

    wow its like a piece of artwork!

  16. somethingmoore 73 months ago | reply

    Great photo and thanks for posting how you did it, I've been try to do something similiar and it was very helpfel. thanks

  17. spax1867 71 months ago | reply

    Using this great photo here:


    Under the creative content license

  18. Arkaitse 69 months ago | reply

    Great shot!

  19. yugenro 55 months ago | reply


    We are writing a popsicle recipe book, and would love to use this photo. We would, of course, give you full credit. What do you say?

    Looking forward to your response,

    Keith & Milena

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