• Since of course the blob moves when people land on it, this part was especially difficult to try and work with.
  • I love this part! - Josh Flores
  • My favorite part too!
  • xD - ▣...RrrockeR▣
  • Wowwwww - mfrank :)


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There are several missing frames from this sequence. I just couldn't fit them all in without it looking too messy. This is some lake in Texas that my family went to for our family reunion. As you can see, we are not wearing life vests and there are no lifegaurds. It made it that much funner. The lake was so tempting after dinner and we just couldnt resist.

This is my sister getting blobbed by my two brothers! Both of my brothers fell in the water! The person under the tower is a second cousin, I think.

From this, I have learned that a tripod would of made it a TON easier to stitch together in post. Ill remember to bring it next time.

View large to see all the mistakes ;)


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  1. Jacopo Penna 59 months ago | reply

    wow great and funny! =)

  2. sourpatch. 59 months ago | reply

    this is really cool :)
    LOVE how you stiched em all together.

  3. indiekidd73 59 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Jumping into Lakes, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  4. ▣...RrrockeR▣ 59 months ago | reply

    hahah this is really cool man!
    iwanna do it this!

  5. ▣...RrrockeR▣ 59 months ago | reply

    ps. i super want to put up a video coming soon.... but i need a time for make this. damn.
    and i have to admit, i dont have much experience with videos. hahaha

  6. Sydstralia 59 months ago | reply

    this is sick!

  7. David Parks - davidparksphotography.com 59 months ago | reply

    Haha I know what you mean! I have no clue how to make a video.
    That would be sick though.

  8. Fernanda Köche 59 months ago | reply

    grande foto *-*

  9. Taylor.McBride™ 59 months ago | reply

    yesss!! freaking love those things xD
    amazing David, love the composition!

  10. T.j D Photography 59 months ago | reply

    how do you do this? so sweet!

  11. David Parks - davidparksphotography.com 59 months ago | reply


    I take a sequence of photos and SLOWLY stitch each person into a photo. Kinda confusing. Im sure there is an easier way. lol

  12. marii maia 59 months ago | reply

    I love this!

  13. Petit Herweg 59 months ago | reply

    hahah I LOVE IT!

  14. Avery S. 59 months ago | reply

    I have to ask you-how do you do this type of shot? It's truly amazing! I'd love to know how if you have a second to explain it! Thanks!

  15. mzkaew 59 months ago | reply

    This is inspiring. I should try this sometimes! but great shots! tell such fun story!

  16. Gabriela Portz 58 months ago | reply

    haha, wow! que divertida! amei a foto

  17. Lucy Alice Photography 58 months ago | reply

    this is incredible.... is every little figure a real person or have you concocted this together??

  18. OakleyOriginals 54 months ago | reply

    absolutely love this work of yours!

  19. حَنان 40 months ago | reply

    Woooooooooow amazing <3<3

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