french school lunch menu

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    1. hayleycasa 38 months ago | reply

      I wish I had ever had a week in my life when I ate that well for lunch.

      Do the students choose between the two items in a bracket where one is bold and the other is not? (If that makes any sense at all.)

    2. MmePrice 38 months ago | reply

      Looks better than what the district offers my kids for lunch in SF.

      I thought kids didn't have school on Wednesdays?

    3. flickrborderrose 38 months ago | reply

      Written in French it probably sounds a better than it really is, however still miles ahead of any school lunch menu I have ever seen.

    4. David Lebovitz 38 months ago | reply

      Ha..I know. Rapée de choux blanc is cole slaw and we all know what fried pork is.. but what is a "Queen's Pizza" or "Salad of tomatoes and red beans, like Chilli" - ?

    5. gardenfreshtomatoes 38 months ago | reply

      Queen's Pizza might be Margarite .( Yes I spelled that wrong. It's after dinner, and I've had too much wine ... )
      AGB is Agri-Bio. Organic. In a school lunch. Don't we all wish in the US...

    6. krysalia 38 months ago | reply

      queen's pizza is the famous "pizza reine", ham mushroom and cheese. it's the same thing than the name "pizza margarita" which refers to tomato sauce and cheese. (the most simple actually).
      when you order a pizza reine in restaurants or pizza joints, everybody knows that's the one with those toppings. (also kind of like "à la florentine", florentine style, that means "spinach with cream :D").

      salad or tomatoes like chili is a way french school cooks get around the children tastes : they try to make some vegetable packed, not so greasy versions of recipes like chili or burgers or bourguignon. Chili is seen as full of meat and oil. the salad version probably has the mild chili spices, a light sauce, and a lot of tender red beans on tomato slices.

      hayleycasa> I don't know that for sure but I would guess that the items in bold are organic :).

      Yes, students probably choose between the dishes. When I was a child, I saw two methods : one where dinners ladies ask every table how many 1 or 2 choices they need to bring for that table, another where dinners were supposed to take the path of a regular self-service dinner. it is not usually done for very small children (like les maternelles, here).

      david, that's not fried pork. The pork is not fried, it is sauteed, probably in no oil or way less than fried pork.

    7. dampscribbler 38 months ago | reply

      I'll bet they get more than 11 minutes to eat it, too.

    8. lauriecombredet 35 months ago | reply

      They actually have a two hour lunch break. Approximately a half hour to forty minutes at the table and the rest of the time to play...or digest.

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