i just bought a mac

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    1. mstephens7 98 months ago | reply

      HA!!! Congratulations on getting a superior computing machine!


    2. jessamyn 98 months ago | reply

      Nice work. What are you going to do with all that free time you spent cursing?

    3. David Lee King 98 months ago | reply

      Ha! Now I have more time to twitter!

    4. The Shifted Librarian 98 months ago | reply

      can't wait to see the videos you make for this!

    5. aetches 98 months ago | reply

      rock on, David! life will never be the same :)

    6. Michael Casey 98 months ago | reply

      Very cool! I love my MacBook. What did you get?

    7. David Lee King 98 months ago | reply

      I got the macbook pro 15", with a 2.16 Ghz Processor, 2 GB of memory, and a 120 GB hard drive. And also bought final cut express, Logic express, and iWork. I'm going to experiment with using Open Office (or a similar Mac flavor) for wordish stuff.

      I plan for it to be my "content producing" computer... :-) So yes, Jenny, there WILL be videos spewing forth from this thing!

    8. Hatchibombotar 98 months ago | reply

      One of us, one of us!

      Let's all chip in for David's tattoo--neck or wrist or elsewhere?

    9. Michael Casey 98 months ago | reply

      Excellent! I love Keynote but have had a so-so experience with Open Office. I swear, I use Google Docs more than any other wordprocessor these days.

    10. jessamyn 98 months ago | reply

      I use NeoOffice for my Mac and just wrote a whole article on open source tools for PC and mac, lmk if you'd like a copy of it.

    11. David Lee King 98 months ago | reply

      Tattoos aside - this thread is hilarious! How many of you would have come and congratulated me if I'd said "I just bought a Dell?"

      I mean, I know there's a whole Mac cult and all... but seriously - I feel like I just joined "The Club." There might even be a post on experience in here somewhere, too :-)

    12. supereric 98 months ago | reply

      About @#!$ing time.

    13. whimsymoondesigns 98 months ago | reply

      Well I'm glad you finally came to your senses!!!

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