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    Em sat for me for a moment when I was outside testing a neutral density filter. The filter allows me to shoot with strobe (in this case, a large Octa) in full daylight at f/1.4.

    Love the look with the 85mm lens, and hoping to play with it in my ongoing HCAC artist series.

    (Em was in the shade of the garage, with the background receiving full sun from pretty close to the camera axis.)

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    1. [manne] 58 months ago | reply

      love it!
      great work!

    2. studioflow 58 months ago | reply

      just push the creative envelope why don't you? a concept many of us have pondered but few have activated a solution to... much for food for thought here.

    3. mondopinguino 58 months ago | reply

      Very well lited, wonderful!! But there's one thing I can't understand. For an APS-C portrait with 85 1.8, If I focus on eyes I have a DOF like yours at f/ 2.8. If I use f/1.8 only eyes are sharp, and I must be very carefull to focus lips at the very same distance of eyes. I need f/4 to have the full face in focus, so, have you cropped anything? Were you focused, slightly before the eyes?
      Thank you, Roberto!

    4. kiowas 57 months ago | reply


    5. Tony and Rachel 57 months ago | reply

      I am just looking into flash at the moment so was wondering with a shot like this, how do you decide when you need to get the flash gear out vs using whats there, maybe with openshade/relfector? Both seem to have pros and cons, my guess in this situation with flash you can control the subject/background lighting ratio, which I think might be tricky under the circumstance you describe, with just natural light?

      How do you decide when it is time to strobe, or is it always strobe time?

    6. eric.duminil 57 months ago | reply

      @tony and rachel :

      David H. has a watch without any moving part or display.
      It only says "Strobist time".
      True story.

    7. David_Harris 57 months ago | reply

      @ mondopinguino (Roberto)

      I used to have a lot of OOF portraits with APS-C Canon 400D. When I upgraded camera bodies and went to FF, I started to get the eyes in focus a lot more often, despite dropping about an F-stop in DOF. In my case, I believe it was more of an AF issue than a pure DOF issue.

      With that said, it's possible to get great focus with an 85mm on FF even @ f/1.2.

    8. VoodooDahl 57 months ago | reply

      Wonderful photo!

    9. Vicco Gallo 56 months ago | reply

      chapeau, man!

    10. jespel 50 months ago | reply

      Excellent portrait. Love 1.4 DoF

    11. Ryan Marko 47 months ago | reply


      just bought the SIngh-Ray Vari-N-Trio for my landscape shots. Once I buy I flash I'm going to try to reproduce this shot! Check my photostream this summer!

    12. JamesTaft 46 months ago | reply

      Outstanding. And thanks for providing a bit of information on how you accomplished this.

    13. cjapryor 46 months ago | reply

      Breathtaking, just sublime.

    14. Ryan Marko 44 months ago | reply

      Great shot!

      I actually tried duplicating this with the equipment I had (Canon 5D with 24-105mm F4 lens - no flash)


    15. mondopinguino 44 months ago | reply

      Thank you dave, i read your answer only now...

    16. RaffaLUCE 41 months ago | reply

      wonderful portrait - powerful but peaceful

    17. electrolabile 36 months ago | reply

      love it. just saw your explanation on how you did this and it was very interesting

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