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Me, not getting enough sleep. (Shot to illustrate the one-year anniversary of, the lighting blog.)

Lighting info:

Camera balanced for daylight. SB-26 speedlight sitting on the keyboard (on 1/4 power with a CTB gel) aimed at the screen. Second SB-26, at 1/64 power (no gel) with a coroplast gridspot, at camera left painting the computer. Triggered by Pocket Wizard on the 1/4-power flash and built-in slave on the 1/64-powered flash.

Exposure was 1/250th at f/8 at 100 ASA.

Photo © David Hobby, 2007 All rights reserved.

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  1. Project 7 [deleted] 67 months ago | reply

    funsky1: Strobist sits right beside the Undertaker in the very short line of Phenoms. =D

  2. behind viewfinder [deleted] 64 months ago | reply

    beautiful light

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  3. Charles Allen 64 months ago | reply

    So are you gonna update that photo with the new Dew cans?

  4. Ben Zvan 63 months ago | reply

    I used this image to promote you in a blog. Feel free to tell me to shove off.

  5. NewfoundlandShooter 63 months ago | reply

    I've been following the blog almost from the beginning but only just now decided to try and do my own interpretation of David's iconic shot.

    I discovered that many laptops have a special display coating that DOES NOT DIFFUSE reflected light.

    "So what?" you might ask.

    Well, if you want soft shadows as in David's shot above, you will have to tape plain white paper to your display (okay, do I really need to say NOT to the display glass, but to the plastic bezel surrounding it??) to make a larger apparent light to soften up the body shadows.

  6. ArtCPhotos 63 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called All Lighting, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  7. José Antonio Carretero 61 months ago | reply

    Thank you David for for sharing your knowledge. I am a professional photographer from Spain who has fallen in love with your blog. Thank you very much. Muchas Gracias.

  8. Captain Suresh Sharma 61 months ago | reply

    Congratulations ! Great going. Excellent image ! Well done. Thanks for sharing.

  9. bokehaddict 61 months ago | reply

    Your so great David! I will post a tribute picture this evening!

  10. Jayson Vega 57 months ago | reply

    can i do the same?

  11. Buzzlair Voufincci 56 months ago | reply

    love this one.

    im proud to feature this one in one of my article..

    hope its fine with you.

  12. Emanuel Hodut photography 55 months ago | reply

    I like the non-conventional "lighting fixture" you're using, and I assume it's not cheap either!! Great image!

  13. Arian Marcos 44 months ago | reply

    thanks for giving me inspiration. my version >>

  14. yajier 40 months ago | reply

    Hey Dave, you know, I've been searching on the internet for long time for inspirations, and I get is tutorials and tutorials. Those endless tutorials all drive the same chant, and they all give boring images.. I feel I can reflect much more from your photographs and techniques, so thanks for bringing me those much-needed inspirations.

  15. PeejStudio 40 months ago | reply

    Absolutely love this shot! It inspired me to try something similar...since I've got very little experience so far.

  16. atibag 18 months ago | reply

    this is one website/account that we could learn a lot from..thank you so much david!
    my oh my, we have the same favorite drink! :D

  17. vtavares00 14 months ago | reply

    Kai and the team at DigitalRev try to reproduce this photo. Ok, but not as good as the original!

  18. Lucidmike79 6 weeks ago | reply

    David Hobby has definitely helped me understand the behaviors of light and flash when taking photos. Here is my rendition of this iconic photograph.

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