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Rosi, right, and Peter work together while photographing Juan in the lighting class I am teaching in San Miguel this week.

(Picture made by some jerk passerby, stealing their PW signal while shooting them...)

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  1. The Notorious DKE 65 months ago | reply

    there's no strobist tag. I guess I should notify an admin. LOL.

  2. Sodabowski 65 months ago | reply

    You're right Dave, didn't even notice it :D

    Next big step for lit photography: build a controllable lighting device that can make use of these deep clouds as a huge upper reflector.

  3. jaewoosong 64 months ago | reply

    question, why are there 2 PW II on the lightstand for the flash?

  4. strobist 64 months ago | reply

    BDD- This is my personal stream, not the Strobist Pool...

    JWS- We thought we had a PW problem, so we stuck another rcvr up there w/o taking the other one down. Seemed to be a cord problem tho.

  5. Dustin Diaz 64 months ago | reply

    strobist: hey, i think i recognize these kinda shots :) very cool.

  6. szabi.zsoldos 64 months ago | reply

    i love his boots!

  7. Dav Kiang 64 months ago | reply

    On the topic of the PW; I've had to replace a few in the last five years. They seem to poop out pretty quickly. I love using them, but they just don't last.

    You guys encountering this?

  8. Chicago Wedding Photographer, Wes Craft 64 months ago | reply

    amen on the sensor dust cleaning request! Dude, check before every shoot. It's just the pro thing to do.

  9. ghostwheelppk (Rocky Lee) 64 months ago | reply

    I thought the G11 had a fixed lens. Is there access
    to the sensor ? Can it even be exposed?

  10. strobist 64 months ago | reply

    THat was a D3.

  11. Trevor Dennis 64 months ago | reply

    This would be the opposite approach to Nick Turpin's heavily snooted pockets of light. Was it Joe M, or yourself who said 'The way to make light interesting is not to light everything?'


  12. Tobe Whysoserious 64 months ago | reply

    What did the other flash behind the talent do? It doesn't seem to light him, only spills under his back.

  13. r.AI (-) 63 months ago | reply

    Very Nice! Have a good weekend my friend!

  14. Brian Tran 96 43 months ago | reply

    Could you tell me the model # of the light stand, price and where did you buy it? I am looking for one. Thanks!

  15. strobist 43 months ago | reply

    LumoPro LP605.

  16. Brian Tran 96 43 months ago | reply

    @Strobist: Thanks !

  17. staz512 39 months ago | reply

    thanks for the BTS shot - very informative.

    good work!

  18. ÖzgürKareler 23 months ago | reply

    when I first saw the second PW, I thought it triggered the PW attached to the camera(not the one, lady is holding) to capture the above photo and that's why we can see the moment of lighting. Anyway just a stupid opinion.. :)

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