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    The Universal Translator will inexpensively give a hard sync terminal to any hot shoe flash or any hot shoe camera. The flash can then be hardwire sync'd via a male-to-male PC cord, or a male-to-male 1/8" mono cord.

    Lighting: Lumiquest SB-III, handheld about 6 inches over the adapter.

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    1. Photo Lynch 72 months ago | reply

      I picked up something similar from Flash Zebra, but had the cable already coming out of the unit to male 1/8th. I can just plug it straight into my Cybersync. Great things and always reliable!

    2. strobist 72 months ago | reply

      Those are great for a PW, which is what they are designed for. These were designed to work either up top of a camera or on the bottom of the flash, with either PC or 1/8" jack. Anything, to anything.

    3. studio79 72 months ago | reply

      just picked up a similar one (from Midwest also since I live in Columbus), but it has a slave sensor and a PC port. Works like a charm.

    4. MilesBintz 72 months ago | reply

      Doh! Sorry about that! The left & right thing didn't click the first time I looked at the picture. This is very cool indeed. In fact, if you always go PC to 1/8", can you daisy chain them?

    5. DustinFinn 72 months ago | reply

      Good, these are excellent response to the cost of the Paramount cords I have been using...

      I picked up a few to replace them on my Todd Brewer "Brewer Bracket".

      Excellent - thanks for the hard work DH!

    6. Krisphotographer 72 months ago | reply

      I got 2 similar ones from Flash Zebra a while back. The model I got doesn't have a pc connection, only 1/8". Which was fine by me. Used them to turn 2 old Minolta flash units (pre funky hotshoe) into very workable "Strobist units" Works great with my CyberSync's

    7. royord 72 months ago | reply

      I would like to see something made that is similar that allows an ethernet connection so that we could still have ttl.

    8. 01000001 72 months ago | reply

      You can get the same thing for less here. 121world.photo.googlepages.com/

      This one has tripod mount at the bottom as well. Works pretty good and is cheaper.

    9. ivar.schiager 72 months ago | reply

      It's a new item at FlashZebra, too.

      But why can't they make them TTL-dedicated, as well as non-dedicated?

    10. Anthony Beard 72 months ago | reply

      maybe i'm just crazy, but there's no link on the front page to get the deets.

    11. thekman 72 months ago | reply

      Anyone know if this unit also knocks down the trigger voltage so we could use older high voltage flashes?

    12. strobist 72 months ago | reply

      @01000000000010, that one is just designed for a flash -- not hot on the bottom. Also, has a slave, but no PC (only miniphone).

    13. Dustin Diaz 72 months ago | reply

      now this is extremely useful!

    14. Max Barros www.barrosinc.com 72 months ago | reply

      my 430EX freeze with hotshoe adapters (actually it was a slave hot shoe), will they freeze on these ones too?

    15. Max Barros www.barrosinc.com 72 months ago | reply

      so whats special about these as they have 2 inputs?

    16. mattlach 66 months ago | reply

      So this is for manual flash only?

      I was hoping the universal translator would be able to translate I-TTL to E-TTL so I could use a Nikon flash hotshoe mounted on a Canon body :p

    17. DustinFinn 66 months ago | reply


      Your assessment is correct, this is specifically being able to fire hot shoe flashes via different methods. It does NOT allow for the different brands to " talk " between their I-TTL and E-TTL.

    18. Pradeep Raghunathan 63 months ago | reply

      I have something pretty similar, which I picked up from a local store. The only thing is that it has a PC socket on both sides. Is there a way to mod one of these sockets and convert it to a 1/8" socket?

    19. jphphotography 58 months ago | reply

      If you're only interested in 1/8th capability and have shunned PC Sync altogether like me you can build your own like I have jph-photography.blogspot.com/2010/03/abandoning-pc-sync-f...

      Mr Hobby someone should really start a petition or a facebook group or something to show our hatred of these cursed PC sockets. Maybe if we can show enough numbers the manufactures will start "getting with the times". I'm sure your post on how the pc socket must die already raised a lot of attention but lets take it to the next level ;)

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