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    Ben's room is the smallest of the three bedrooms, so we claimed his floor space back by building a loft bed.

    There is a closet out of the frame on the right, the door of which was used as a bounce surface for one SB-800 flash. Another went up into the ceiling at upper camera left.

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    1. jxhern2 73 months ago | reply

      maybe a view of outside would help also?if the view is good.

    2. strobist 73 months ago | reply

      Ben's room is shaded in summer by a large oak tree in the front yard. It is beautiful, but not so much until the leaves come out in a couple of weeks. This time of year, the branches are still bare.

      That's why I left it out of the front of the house shots, too. When it comes in, I may update them.

    3. chuha 73 months ago | reply

      I'm sure the crew of strobists will notice, but let's face it, this shot is more remarkable than most people will ever register on anything beyond a subliminal level. (which is just fine of course.) What we have is so well balanced with light that you forget the strobes and think it's somehow all lit from that window. Any further reflection makes that impossible, but at first glance yo don't even know. Great work (as usual) even if it is just a young man's bedroom.

    4. Photo Lynch 73 months ago | reply

      Yah definitely think think it takes an awesomely skilled photographer to pull of these shots and to really think it's all natural and this room is so gorgeous and bright like this all the time :)

      Great work. Hope the house sales and everything.

    5. strobist 73 months ago | reply

      It is really easy, actually. As much time as we have spent talking about balance, it all comes down to that. That is why a flash meter is useless to me.

      What is the f/stop ratio for something to look like the way your eye sees it? It is all a matter of taste. And that is my goal - to make it look similar to the way my eye sees it rather than my camera's chip. Plus the occasional accent for depth, of course.

      But once you understand how to balance, it is just like adjusting your knobs on your stereo.

    6. mortonphotographic 73 months ago | reply

      Dude you Strobisted the bed! I love it, and what kid wouldn't love that setup? Not to mention he is already set for college!

    7. ted.sali 73 months ago | reply

      Dave, you're my hero now. Not only do I think your lighting is awesome, you get total +1 dad points for the Loft bed.
      I love those things, I built one for my son as well. Solid, inexpensive, and only took a weekend to build, sand and finish.

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