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Interior 1

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Down visiting my parents in Florida, I heard that their favorite neighbors were planning to move, and the real estate agent had produced some, uh, not-so-great photos of the house.

I do not normally travel on vacation with enough lighting gear to do architectural stuff -- I had one working SB-800. It was a little bit of a challenge, but we upped the "for sale" page a little.

Love the house, too.

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  1. Carlos Bruno [CB] 83 months ago | reply

    Ok ... definitively IT'S A GIFT from the "Lighting Gods"!!
    HOW COME??
    With only one strobo!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?
    July 19th you MUST HAVE to explain it for the Strobist Class in NYC!
    Or we'll torture you with cold beers ... lap dancers ... phone calls at 3am to your hotel's room ... :-))))).

  2. John Adkins II 83 months ago | reply

    WOW! This is a gorgeous place! Great job lighting this, it looks pretty expansive!

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  3. rockhoppermedia 83 months ago | reply

    Nice interior, nice to see someone breaking the 3/4 rule and using the symmetry of the windows. I love the architecture too, I would like to live there. Did you do any painting with light?

  4. Colin Krieg 81 months ago | reply

    So I'm assuming you gel'ed the flash CTO?

  5. strobist 81 months ago | reply

    No, the flash was warmed by the bounce surface.

  6. Colin Krieg 81 months ago | reply

    oh interesting! If the ceiling would have been white stipple (like most are) Would you have still used the flash without a gel?

  7. LightLuke 81 months ago | reply

    Nice shot, but the house looks like a summer cottage. So much wood. Looks dark.

  8. Guy Carnegie 81 months ago | reply

    Looking at the reflections on the edges of the sofa cushions, I'd say you were using a shoot through too, or at least a bounce off a pale wall or reflector, not just a bare flash. Maybe even multiple pops in different directions.

    Didn't you do something similar year or so ago with a sofa?

    Turned out great, however, you acheived it.


  9. faux tog Mike 81 months ago | reply

    Looks like you just bounced it off of either the wall or ceiling (or both) behind you and to the left. I like to bounce light off wood ceilings or walls if they have a warm finish, they can really spice up the picture.

  10. DanSpeicher|Photographer 81 months ago | reply

    Where was the flash positioned in the room? Behind you bouncing up? or back behind the couch?

  11. Maya Beach Photo 81 months ago | reply

    from the shadow on the beam in upper left, i'm gonna say behind and left of camera?
    all worked well!
    down side is they may sell and leave sooner.

  12. YOzefff 81 months ago | reply

    wooow .. with just 1 SB?

  13. LightNMild 81 months ago | reply

    This is a beautiful shot!! You did the dayum thing with only one SB!!!! Way to go :o)

  14. jboal5 81 months ago | reply

    It's very nice, only a real estate agent wouldn't like it b/c it's too yellow. sad but true. having shot for a bunch of real estate agents they don't want it lit well, they just want it bright. this would be too dark and yellow for anyone I've shot for.
    Anyone else had the same experience as I have? Very frustrating. I gave up trying to light it well, and just point the flash straight ahead, gel it to 3300K, and use the diffuser. They all love it. If I bounce it, I start to get complaints.

  15. jawrr (ShotsByJawrr.com) 81 months ago | reply

    Nice job on this, how'd you do it? Bounce it off of av mirror?!

  16. fotoraph 80 months ago | reply

    love the light!

  17. Morth Photography 71 months ago | reply

    Nice work! I'd say dangerous for sure, with only one sb-800. I shoot a lot of homes for some exclusive clubs out in Big Sky, Montana. I've been shooting HDR but it's so time consuming post process that I am excited work with strobes again. Here is the link to some of HDR real estate shots of mine:


    jboal5 it was so good to hear to talk about things being "too dark", I get that a lot too and I'm just miffed sometimes on what a perfect shot would be for a real estate agent? There is always something to tweak when working with agents.

  18. marciw2008 70 months ago | reply

    I saw this when you first posted the article on Strobist.com. Came back to it again today from your post about your latest contest. This is such a perfect picture. Beautiful lighting work!

  19. Day Is Coming 62 months ago | reply

    Just read your blog on the strobist blogspot for this photo and it is awesome! Really helped a lot, thanks :)

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