TSONAMI fest. Valparaiso 2016
TSONAMI, festival internacional de arte sonoro. 7+9+10 December 2016, Valparaiso, Chile.

OPENINGS: a window is used as a filter to control the amount of sound that moves from inside to outside
COULD WE GET MUCH HIGHER?: a loudspeaker climbs down from the top of a building hurling himself into the unknown
FEEDBACK: a microphone and a loudspeaker get closer to each other

MY TARGET IS YOUR EYES: a loudspeaker is shouted down by the hit of a slingshot
I AM ON FIRE: a microphone is treated with hot wax and eventually set on fire
HOW FAR CAN I GET: a microphone is swung in the air up to the point where it crashes to the wall/ground

LIFE AFTER DEATH: a microphone cable is laid onthe railway and cut by a train
SCRATCH THE SURFACE: a microphone tries to reach the other side of the road without being hit by the passing cars
INTERSECTIONS: a projection of white noise is cut by the cars driving on the road
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