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Lunar Occultation of Mars 2020-09-06 at 04:34 UT | by @davidduarte_ac
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Lunar Occultation of Mars 2020-09-06 at 04:34 UT

Here is one of the images taken by me during the Reappearance of the planet Mars from its Occultation by the Moon on 6th September 2020, as seen from Maceió, the capital city of Alaboas, in Brazil.


At that moment (about 04:34 UTC), Mars was still partially concealed behind Earth's Moon.


Seeing and atmospheric transparency were superb during the whole reappearance event. However, it is hard to accomplish such a result via the lucky imaging method, as only a meager number of frames can be stacked. In this case, only 35, out of a trimmed video of 54 frames, could be stacked.

The result, however, was very satisfactory, representing a significant improvement compared to a single frame.


Some Martian features, such as the South Polar Cap and large albedo marks, such as Terra Crimeria, can be easily noticed.


Moreover, the dark limb of the Moon is possibly showing some terrain irregularity thanks to the phenomenon starred by the Red Planet.


The huge FOV was possible thanks to a large chip sensor, with a total of 20 megapixels and no ROI was used.

Therefore, in addition to Mars, a broad region of the Moon is also visible.


Mars' reappearance happened in the southeastern Lunar limb, with the terminator zone spreading over a very high and rigged land. It's possible to see part of the Tycho crater in the upper left corner, as well as part of its ray complex, with one of the rays extending throughout the FOV, towards the bottom of the image.


Next to place of reappearance, lies the big Janssen crater, crowded with other features, such as the Fabricius crater and Rimae Janssen.


This image was accomplished with the collaboration of my dear friend Romualdo Caldas.



Telescope: Meade LX90-ACF 12"

Camera: QHY 183C

Filter: Optolong L filter

Accessory: Skywatcher Dielectric Diagonal Mirror


Please also see the whole reappearance event as broadcasted by us LIVE through the youtube channel of the Brazilian National Observatory:

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Uploaded on September 9, 2020