This is my first attempt at a flickr "365". Yes, many have tried and failed, other have succeeded. There really aren't any rules, as over on Yahoo! Answers, the best answer describes a 365 as a "challenge of personal exploration" for a photographer or aspiring one.

It's not so much as posting a picture a day, but I think it was more taking a picture a day, and eventually get it posted. With digital photography, we all know, you can't just take one. And in that vain, my 365, will be "posting at least one photo taken everyday for a year" but not necessarily posting everyday (though I'll try). I know there will be a few days I'm be compelled to post more than one that I took on that day, and I assume, there will be a few days I miss. But the effort, and personal challenge launches today. I like the roundness this starting day. It's the first day of the week - Sunday - and its the 1st day of the month.
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