Iraq War - Windows of Suffering Series
This series of mixed media pieces was created in 2007 as a personal response to the violent events of the Iraq War and its bloody postscript. It is not intended as a partisan political statement, but rather as a purely humanitarian and reflective one. The images created represent views from behind dirt, bomb and blood splattered glass, and through the strange beauty this creates to commemorate those who have died, or suffered loss, in this messy conflict. This choice of image also reflects the fact that we are reduced to viewing such conflicts through the 'window' of the media. Most of the images used as the basis for these works were photographs from anonymous web sources and therefore the pieces are not for sale and I fully acknowledge the skill and bravery of those who took them and will cite them if they get in touch. This unusual step was made necessary as I could not go to Iraq myself to capture my own images.
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