Iraq War (Windows of Suffering #5)

This piece was created from a syndicated media photograph of a US soldier carrying an Iraqi child. It is one of a series of conceptual digital collage pieces created from web photographs. In this case by Michael Yon a leading independant blogger and war correspondent. See his work on His work is not edited for 'social acceptability'. (Thanks to Val for this information). As a result of my use of this external source, the piece is not for sale and I fully acknowkledge the original image as not mine and will withdraw the piece should objections be raised. I did contact Michael Yon but, so far, have received no response.


This series of mixed media pieces was created in February 2007 as a personal response to the violent events of the Iraq War and its bloody postscript. It is not intended as a partisan political statement, but rather as a purely humanitarian and reflective one. The images created represent views from behind dirt, bomb and blood splattered glass, and through the strange beauty this creates to commemorate those who have died, or suffered loss, in this messy conflict. This choice of image also reflects the fact that we are reduced to viewing such conflicts through the 'window' of the media.


The rest of this series can be viewed here:

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  • antwerpalan 8y

    A striking image. It was General William Westmoreland who claimed the Vietnam War was lost because of media exposure: that war having been the first to be given saturated television coverage. Since then, alas, we have become immune to such coverage.
  • David Lewis-Baker 8y

    Many thanks Alan, and also for reminding me of his words. This is an attempt to bring the war behind the screen a little closer to home and remove some of the saturated media immunity!
  • murburger01 8y

    A very emotional image, I like the textures and message
  • David Lewis-Baker 8y

    Many thanks Das and Murray. Yes the sense of claustrophobia and intimacy is deliberate in these pieces! They are purely digital, but not created with Photoshop filters, but rather by passing them through a succession of much less sophisticated software.

    I have likened my process of working as the digital equivalent of waging all out war on the original images, and these pieces are a case in point.
  • Ursula 8y

    Amazing, emotional image!
  • David Lewis-Baker 8y

    I also find this image deeply emotional Bessula! I was astonished that it was not well known when I discovered it and decided to use it as one of the resources for my 'Iraq: Windows of Suffering' series.
    Many thanks.
  • Val Kerry 8y

    Hi David, I found this photo very emotive too and it inspired one of my own paintings. I don't know if you know 'who' actually took it but it became one of his best known photographs. His name is Michael Yon and he is an independant blogger. You can view more of his work on if you're interested? He works hard to stay independant so that his work is not edited for 'social acceptability'. A very interesting man. Loving your work! Val
  • David Lewis-Baker 8y

    Many thanks for this Val, I got most of the originals from this series from blogs which did not give the original source, now I can fill it in for this piece! I will also look at his work with great interest!
  • FrAcTuReD...fOtOs 8y

    Such a powerful image!
  • :i M 6 o O o 6 a 7:™ 7y

    Amazing image !
  • ~**MoonLight**~ 7y

    great work
  • Marcos Ramone 7y

    Wooowww!!! O___O
  • sleepy7slow 7y

    sleepy7slow here, powerful flicka
  • Ђℓg كـيفي 7y

    Realit of bush
  • finius91 6y

    This is beautiful, but in the saddest possible way. Excellent work, but stark at the same time.
  • jack_madeley 6y

    This is just what im looking for! Im doing my GCSE art exam prep and i have chosen to do 'Real events' and the Iraq war. i want to portray the destruction and suffering that everyone has been effected by. These are amazing images.
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