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Feature adoption: evaluating Courses Bb versus Wf

This is a comparison showing the percentage of Webfuse courses (black dashed line) and Blackboard (black continuous line) that have adopted LMS features used to evaluate the course or teaching staff.


The purple and green line indicate the range of values typically found in the literature reported by Malikowski et al (2007).


The graph shows that Webfuse, for 2005-2007, had almost 100% adoption before dropping away steadily to just under 40% of courses in 2009. Blackboard courses have never really gotten above 5%.


Malikowski, S., M. Thompson, et al. (2007). "A model for research into course management systems: bridging technology and learning theory." Journal of Educational Computing Research 36(2): 149-173.


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Uploaded on August 28, 2009