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Life Anchor

Titled "Life Anchor" because everyone needs an anchor in their lives, be it a friend or family member or even an inanimate object like an anchor.


This anchor was in a local park very near my home when I was growing up as a child. Many years ago it was obtained by our local Yatch Club and has been on prominent display ever since. It's kind of a Life Anchor for me given that it's been around for at least 45 years (that I know of). I thought I'd try to capture fitting image of it. I think I've succeeded.


3 bonus points for the first person who can identify the park this anchor came from.


Image was taken at night under a full moon. The small white specks near the moon

are actually star streaks.


Sorry jschro5, it was not Red Arrow. The two canon's are still at the park however.


========== Dateline .... Feb. 19, 2007 ==========

Just so I don't keep the masses in suspense any longer...


Drum roll please.....


This Anchor was originally located at Lincoln Park on the side of the Field House right at the top of the hill. At the time, it was perched on a huge rough cut stone block. It was laying on it's side. As children, me and my friends used to play on it all the time.


It was purchased by / given to (don't know which) to the Yatch club when they were still located where the YMCA is. But they moved very shortly after to their current location. If I were to guess, I'd say that muist have been around 1969. Oh Oh, I just dated myself... ;-D


My suspicion is that the city gave the anchor to the Yatch Club as partial compensation for moving so the YMCA could build. But thats just my theory.

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Taken on January 3, 2007