• Mercury Marquis
  • Pontiac Firebird
  • International
  • International
  • 1968 Oldsmobile Delmont
  • Datsun 280Z
  • AMC Rebel - Hugo90

Cars awaiting shredding

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Vehicles waiting to be shredded at a metal recycling place.

  1. mystere485 55 months ago | reply

    They had some hard to come by iron in ther,I see a couple internationals, a pre 1982 camaro/firebird, amc ambassador(?).....

  2. Katie and Joe 55 months ago | reply

    My first question was when was this photo made?
    The newest vehicle appears to be the mid-90's Pontiac on top of the stack at the far right.

  3. dave_7 55 months ago | reply

    Took this a couple days ago. For once the date was correct on my camera!

    They do have a look of nice older vehicles. Quite a few Internationals. There is a 2000s Chevrolet Impala next to the Lumina right above the cab over GMC.

  4. Katie and Joe 55 months ago | reply

    It appears an older junk yard decided to sell of its inventory to the recyclers. I have seen this happen a few times and it's always sad to see the semis rolling out with the flatened cars stacked up like fire wood. So many of these cars could be restored and there are lots of good used parts on the unrestorable cars. Instead the cars will be shredded and most of the steel shipped overseas.

  5. dave_7 55 months ago | reply

    You are probably right. Likely a small, rural one with the International trucks.

  6. cjmuller79 55 months ago | reply

    It does seem like the smaller u-pull-it junkyards are becoming rarer these days, and as you can't easily move a junkyard and most won't be bothered with scavenging the cars themselves unless it's something really rare, this is what happens. My favorite junkyard in my hometown met a similar fate several years ago, though it was forced out of business when the city decided to build a road through its property. Lots of cool older cars there, a few restorable--I wonder if any were saved. I particularly remember a mostly complete '59 Lincoln, closed to the weather, locked and stacked on top of another car so as to be off the ground and harder to get to. It'd be a shame if that car were turned into a pile of metal shards.
    Hard to be sure of the condition of any of the vehicles here, but there had to be some good parts on the Firebird and the AMC/Rambler.

  7. 95HotDude 44 months ago | reply

    These cars are worth more in retail than in scrap.

  8. dave_7 44 months ago | reply

    Indeed they are - they only pay about $80 a car here for scrap but yet people keep scrapping stuff.

  9. canadiancatgreen 40 months ago | reply

    wow neat picture waht is more interesting is people Iding the cars that in some cases are hard to see

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