It will be mine. Oh yes... it will be mine...

It's like this...


Dad gave me a pentax ME Super when I turned 18. I loved it to bits, and though the metering has died, I still have it in a camera bag somewhere back home, along with a lovely family of little lenses. When I eventually found myself selling cameras during the holidays at Uni I inevitably plugged the pentax brand. I suffered from terrible LX envy, but it was always way beyond my price range..


Alison got the MZ-50 automatic SLR, and I wanted that too.


...and then this whole digital malarkey turned up. Once again, Dad came to my rescue and gave me my fantastic beast of a compact, but when Peter got the Ist DS, I knew my days were numbered. Camera envy was about to hit the roof.


And then Chishikilauren got one, and look what happened to her! Rapidly approaching the bottom of the pentax addiction slope, I'd say...


And then my boss went to New York. People may not be aware, but one of these is about £250 cheaper in the states than here. Yes, my friends, it was time for a new office camera...


So now here I find myself, borrowing the office camera whenever I possibly can, which joyously is pretty darn often. Happy and jolly and all well and good. But the crunch of the matter is that in only two months time I stop working here! Agh! Do I steal the thing and never return? Do I mug Gutho? What the heck do you do when you've found your camera but it doesn't belong to you!?




...yeah yeah, I know... buy one yourself... Did I mention I was going back to school? Man, I'll be lucky if I can buy food...

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  • Alison Morris 10y

    You know you really have to just bite the bullet and get one of those things. What else are student loans for...
    (Love the photo by the way)
  • Tom Parnell 10y

    Aaargh... but then it starts all over again... You buy the darn thing, then they go and bring out a better one that is, like, way better than the one you've got...
    Now the alternative is to make certain that current camera is, ahem, 'properly insured', go to a drunken party in a venue with a stone floor (true), old camera gets knocked over by some drunken so-and-so (true), and then, just by chance, the insurance company pays out what you paid for the old camera, which with depreciation, and a bit on top, and *bingo* fab new camera (admittedly second-hand frae ebay)... Not that that's happened to anyone I know... honest I was so upset... less naughty than stealing one...
  • Tom Parnell 10y

    Oh yes, the photo, like it, like the camera, and like the spiky hair too.
  • Peter Guthrie 10y

    dave, i'm going to make you even more jealous when i recieve my new pancake lens! :)

  • Lauren 10y

    Steal it! It's worth every penny you'll never spend. As long as you're up to the challenge of joining the Pentax Whore League. Gotta go the distance, man.
  • Dave Morris 10y


    You know you're right... Except when they did bring out the new version it really wasn't that much better. Ooh, but hang on... does that mean the next one will be...? Agh!


    Ah crap, you didn't order it, did you? Man, things were bad enough already!


    ...Yes, but you would say that, wouldn't you? I mean, that coke addict the other day was saying some pretty similar things, you know. Mind you, he also looked pretty happy with his life...
  • Jody Morris 10y

    cool hair dave, much better than the long and ringletted look!

    You know Jenny's just about to start of with M Photo again, discount's ahoy - she's gonna get me one, although probably not one of these just yet. Sigh. My piccy's wouldn't do it justice anyway. Sigh again.
  • Graham Currie 10y

    and here's me just joining the digital revolution! hmmmm, I have some catching up to do it seems!
  • Bruno Abarca 7y

    Even if this picture has now some time, I liked it a lot, used it to illustrate an article in , and quoted you as author at the end. :D

    Thanks for using CC licenses! :D
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Taken on June 19, 2004

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