2017 Walleye 1000 Vintage Rally
The 6th Annual Walleye 1000 Vintage Rally consisted of 34 cars and 70+ people traversing the spectacular back roads along the Mississippi River in Wisconsin and Minnesota - Saturday and Sunday, June 10 - 11, 2017.

Saturday was hot, real hot... with a heat index over 100 degrees. Lunch in Wabash, MN. A surprise ice cream stop in Winona, MN Saturday afternoon, finally arriving in La Crosse, WI for dinner at the Freighhouse Restaurant and our overnight stay in the Radisson La Crosse.

Sunday morning started nicely, but as we moved north we encountered scary looking skies. It got dark, like, night time dark, think, grey storm clouds, and the skies opened up on us. The shower was forceful, but brief... when it cleared the hills were full of eerie clouds and mist as the sun came back out.

Sunday lunch was at Buena Vista Park in Alma, WI. Everyone made it safely to the finisher's dinner at Axel's restaurant in Mendota, MN where awards and prizes were given out, bringing another successful Walleye 1000 Vintage Rally to an end.
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