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Pods – also known as self-directed work teams – have been around for more than 20 years. Pods are 30% to 50% more effective than their traditional counterparts. A survey of senior line managers offers some of the benefits derived from implementing self-directed teams:


Improved quality, productivity and service.

Greater flexibility.

Reduced operating costs.

Faster response to technological change.

Fewer, simpler job classifications.

Better response to workers’ values.

Increased employee commitment to the organization.

Ability to attract and retain the best people.


So if it’s such a great idea to go podular, why aren’t more companies doing it?


Podular design is a concept that focuses on modularizing work: making units more independent, adaptive, linkable, and swappable. But the environment that surrounds the pods is equally critical to the success or failure of a podular system. Modular components are a critical element of a connected company. But to take advantage of pods you also need a business that is designed to support them.


The future is podular.

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Taken on April 21, 2011