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    Attribution: (c) 2009 Dave Gray (davegrayinfo.com)

    Facts are an important element of any decision-making process. A fact asserts that something is the case. When we as a society make decisions that affect our future, facts, and conversation or argument about what they mean, is a critical part of those decisions.

    But what is a fact, and how do we know that something is a fact? Is there a "keeper of the facts?"

    This little thread is an exploration of facts: What they are, how they come to be, who has access to them and why. It's especially focused on the facts that make up the sum of our scientific knowledge.

    If you enjoy this series you might also enjoy the thread where this conversation and inquiry began.

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    1. Lemoox 74 months ago | reply

      yes, fact the frees ;-)

    2. Archer's Eye 74 months ago | reply

      My Daddy said, "A fact is like a pen knife, you never know when you'll need it." So, I don't feel bad about the huge library of random facts I carry around in this noggin.

    3. dgray_xplane 74 months ago | reply

      idaho: Did you realize that this is the title page in a series? You need to click the next button.

      Archer: I agree with your dad. It's also like a pen knife in other ways:
      -- When you need it you never seem to have it handy
      -- It loses its keenness over time

    4. r a e d e k e 74 months ago | reply

      I was just kidding...I was following Lemoox....

    5. dgray_xplane 74 months ago | reply

      idaho: ahh, sorry -- don't let me stop the free-floating fun! :)

    6. dvdstillkickin [deleted] 74 months ago | reply

      Hey Dave, looking very "Da Vinci" like in the sketches and thought's, good to see.

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