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    Thanks to everyone who messaged me to ask if I'm alright - everything's a bit crazy here in London, I'm stuck in the office and not allowed to leave, but I'm alright.

    Update: wow, the response on Flickr has blown me away - everything's still very scary here, and your messages are much appreciated. I knocked this up in five seconds in MS Paint because I couldn't think of a way of reassuring my Flickr contacts quickly except posting something. Hopefully a hell of a lot of other people in London are reassuring their relatives and friends with the same words.

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    1. Spikebot 118 months ago | reply

      Sympathy and best wishes to all Londoners.

    2. Memento 118 months ago | reply

      what 4 letters can do to assure loved ones.

      glad you're ok...hopefully the rest of world too!

    3. zenera 118 months ago | reply

      So glad you're ok! wishes!!!!

    4. mariarenee 118 months ago | reply

      I'm glad you are OK

    5. fountainwish 118 months ago | reply

      Brilliant in its simplicity, I'm glad you're OK, man, let us know if there is anything we can do to help those who are most affected.

      I read your message on Tortilla Sandwich's blog,

    6. Paul Chenoweth 118 months ago | reply

      It is great to hear good news..'glad you're safe!

    7. Happy Dave 118 months ago | reply

      Unbelievably, the Washington Post has just asked if they can use this image in their Sunday supplement. Wow. Just, wow.

    8. Arzu_81 [deleted] 118 months ago | reply


    9. LarimdaME 118 months ago | reply

      LOL. Kinda discouraging for you as a photographer, tho, isn't it? All these lovely pics in your photostream, and the one they want is the crude, what MS Paint?, pic.

      Bully for you tho! Simple, to the point, and just enough info to get the message across right quick.

    10. Spikebot 118 months ago | reply

      the Washington Post has just asked if they can use this image in their Sunday supplement

      Very cool. Don't forget us now yer famous :)

    11. T a k 118 months ago | reply

      Wow. Imagine if you had spent a full minute in MS Paint instead of just five seconds!


    12. djwudi 118 months ago | reply

      Hey Dave -- this has been marked the most 'interesting' photo for July 7th, according to Flickr's new Explore dealy. Congrats! :)

      (That's assuming their little calendar thing doesn't change on each load...)

    13. Patrick Houlihan 118 months ago | reply

      Congratulations! This image is Flickr's Most Interesting photo for July 7. Would you please add it to the Interestingness pool? It will be a great addition!

      (Interestingness is a cool new Flickr feature. About Interestingness)

    14. fotogail 117 months ago | reply

      you know, this is a brilliant illustration that "interestingness" is a community and attention metric, not a quality of photography metric.

      but still, hell of a fine message, even not knowing you! stay safe.

    15. Dave Dunne (BlurDotBlog) 116 months ago | reply

      Viewed 17825 times - Awesom!!

    16. Glyn1 114 months ago | reply

      But it's not in the July 7 Interestingness pool any longer, having been beaten by a bowl of noodles, says it all really.

    17. AndyRobertsPhotos 84 months ago | reply

      Apparently this is the photo and story that's referenced in Clay Shirkey's book Here Comes Everybody

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