House Movers, San Francisco

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    Ellis between Scott and Divisadero, San Francisco,
    part of a series documenting house movers in San Francisco's Western Addition in the 1970's, photograph taken 1977

    How it looks today:

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    1. BGale ages ago | reply

      Wonderful series!

    2. Telstar Logistics ages ago | reply

      Superb. Thanks for posting this!

    3. mujerísima ages ago | reply

      what a beautyfull house

    4. shapeshift ages ago | reply

      nice collection of victorians on the move. i remember this when this was happening.

    5. vmulky ages ago | reply

      one for the ages.

    6. giddy badge [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Amazing! Where did these houses end up?

    7. Dave Glass . foto ages ago | reply

      These houses are now in restored condition and located at Ellis St. between Divisidero and Scott. See recent photo:

    8. 4PIZON ages ago | reply

      Well worth saving ! Kills me when these buildings get abused. Should be a law against altering, or removing them. They are the city.


    9. Event Horizon Studios 104 months ago | reply

      Klasse Foto! Es passt thematisch super in unsere Gruppe und wir würden uns freuen, wenn du es bei uns hinzufügen würdest! Schau doch mal vorbei...

    10. AGrinberg 104 months ago | reply

      Nice piece of history!

      Lessons learned... This became very controversial.

    11. Spenser.Cat 96 months ago | reply

      Amazing content and rendering as always. You are such a cut above.

    12. nkimadams 95 months ago | reply

      How grand it was!

    13. The Stormgoddess 82 months ago | reply

      This is the coolest thing. I actually live here and I lived around the corner when the houses were being moved in so i watched it happen. I didn't know this existed until a young woman came to look at the house (I'm selling my unit) and heard the story. I don't know who she is, but i am so grateful to her for leaving me with this wonderful memento of my terrific life in this great city.

    14. sososmarmy 51 months ago | reply

      I live in the house on the right. Is it possible to purchase a raw digital file or print of this photo? I can't find contact info for Dave Glass anywhere. Please message me on flickr and let me know. Thanks and your photos are amazing!

    15. ashlisidney 48 months ago | reply

      I feel like this is defying all that we know about physics. It is pretty incredible that they can literally pick up a house and move. Do you know if there was any damage done to the home during the whole process? Also, how did they get it on the lift in the first place? Seems like an engineering feat to me.
      Ashlie Sidney |

    16. johnmclaughlin1224 42 months ago | reply

      It really is interesting to see all these different kind of pictures that were from when San Francisco was younger. I personally would love to be able to have some kind of way of knowing whether this kind of move would have been difficult going up the hill. Thank you for sharing this great moment in our history.

    17. Dr.Zack Martin 41 months ago | reply

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