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Week 16 - Hidden

I once saw a photo of a girl in a shower, mascara running down her cheeks. Although she wasn't crying the raw emotion that the photographer captured was obvious to anyone viewing.


As soon as I saw this weeks theme, a similar idea started to form in my head because the only thing I could think of that related to hidden was 'feelings' or 'emotions'. that led me off on a path of pondering and it occurred to me that chaps, or gentlemen of a certain age don't deal with emotions particularly well. For some reason we ignore them for the most, and certainly never ever talk about them (unless drunk !). I wanted to try and capture this with an ironic tip of the hat to the girl in the shower shots to kind of say that blokes have feelings too.....


Unfortunately, space and time were a bit short and I never managed to capture the RAW emotion I saw in my head. Partly because I was too much of a coward to face the camera and partly because I couldn't see what I was taking (I could do wirth a wireless way of triggering the camera) .


I was hoping that the image would be strong enough to convey this without the lengthy description but the couple of people that saw them be3fore I put them up didn't get it at all (Erm it's a bloke in a shower?)........ I'm kind of hoping that it will get you all thinking anyhow, be interested to know what things spring to mind.


Was worth doing, just to get me out of the comfortable still life mentality. Way out of my depth and comfort zone here.

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Taken on January 9, 2013