cross field (1:4)

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    1. leonel cunha [deleted] 86 months ago | reply

      the detail is a great comp. :)
      very good, very dynamic.

    2. Leonardo Solaas 86 months ago | reply

      I love it! You get so much with so little...

    3. davebollinger 86 months ago | reply

      thanks both :)
      i agree and think the detail works better here, on screen, for flickr, the full version comes off as a bit "indulgent" when presented this small
      (but of course it is indulgent - the series is titled "density" after all! :-D)

    4. mokaschitta 86 months ago | reply

      really great! could you tell something about how this works? how do you check which pixels are still empty to draw a new cross? through the brightness? Or do you simply store the information in an array? Maybe the algorithm itselfs does the correct spacing?

      It be glad about some technical information!

    5. davebollinger 86 months ago | reply

      thanks :)

      it's just a big list of triangles, tested for intersection, various "fields" influence the parameters (rotation, size, spacing between, etc) constrained by intersection with previously placed triangles. some "tuning" is always required to get all these interrelated parameters to cooperate as desired, but no "optimization" occurs -- that is, no trying to shuffle previously placed objects to "fit" new objects -- so it creates some void areas of non-optimal placement. (which i think offers more interest than a truly optimal placement, which would just end up looking like a tiling)

    6. mokaschitta 86 months ago | reply

      ah, i think i can see what you mean. did you draw a cross for each corner of a triangle? At least I can almost see the triangles in there now that you told me :)

    7. davebollinger 86 months ago | reply

      the crosses are themselves made of triangles (6)

    8. mokaschitta 86 months ago | reply

      hehe, okay. Anyways great. I might try something similar soon!

    9. brett.levin 86 months ago | reply

      Cool images, thanks for sharing!

      This one reminds me of the album cover of "Spine and Sensory" by Tristeza:

    10. davebollinger 86 months ago | reply

      thanks brett :) and yep definately a resemblance

    11. AlpenaMi 85 months ago | reply

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