Stavros Niarchos SSN518 Tenerife 14th-21st Jan 2012
Tall Ships Youth Trust Voyage 14th - 21st Jan 2012. Tenerife to Fuerte Ventura to Gran Canaria to Tenerife.

The best way to view them is as a slideshow.

You can view any picture in any size up to large. If you would like the best quality for printing etc please email me stating number of photo (starts with P1060) and I will send you the original (up to 3.5mb per photo).

I've deleted obvious duds and any I think are unflattering but if you would like any photos deleted please email me.

I hope you like them!

Dave, what camera do you use?
I use a Panasonic TZ3 with stabilised Leica 10x optical zoom.

Dave, what new camera would you recommend? PCPro (Feb 2012) recommends the Nikon S9100 with 18x optical zoom and full HD video at £166.

It also recommends the Panasonic FZ150 bridge camera with 24x optical zoom and full HD video (£320).

Entry level DSLRs cost about £400 with a small 3x zoom so check out the price of zoom lenses before buying.

The latest smartphones have 8mp cameras and can also give good results. You can get good results with a cheap camera so don't be afraid to experiment!
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