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Howling Coyote - Yellowstone

Howling Coyote - Yellowstone Bison bison in the snow Spread your wings and fly away with me... Steller's Jay - Mount Rainier National Park Coyote - Yellowstone Western Red-tailed Hawk Winter Walker - Yellowstone Howling Coyote - Yellowstone Bison - Yellowstone Snow Coyote Red Fox - Mount Rainier Nat'l Park Bull Elk - Yellowstone Perched Redtail Hawk - East Bay Marina, Olympia Coyote - Yellowstone Lane Peak - Tatoosh Range, Mt. Rainier Nat'l Park Bison - Yellowstone Gallatin Mountain Range Montana Varmit Winter Coyote - Yellowstone National Park High Country Coyote - Yellowstone

My most popular wildlife images.

For some reason many people are drawn to my coyote images...

last updated 2/26/08

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~Diana Nevermind~ says:

What a wonderful collection!!!!!!!!......
Posted 111 months ago. ( permalink )

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pandasrus says:

I absolutely love, love, love your wildlife photography!!! Thanks for sharing!! :)
Posted 108 months ago. ( permalink )

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shattered78 says:

This set is amazing! Really like your nature pics! Absolutely a fav+ set!!! Keep up the good work ;)
Posted 106 months ago. ( permalink )

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Laramie_Coyote says:

People are drawn to coyotes because they are mystical. The Indians revered them. Legends are built around the coyote. They are beautiful, intelligent creatures.

Thank you for sharing ALL of your wonderful photos, Dave. I enjoy them all.
Posted 102 months ago. ( permalink )

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