Chy Johnson and Queen Creek Bulldogs

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Date Originally Posted: Wednesday Oct 24, 2012

With October being Bullying Prevention Awareness Month, the undefeated Queen Creek HS football team has taken the subject to heart.

When QC sophomore, Chy Johnson, 16, a special needs student who suffers from a brain disorder, Microcephaly, was being bullied by other students, Chy's mom, Liz Hixon-Johnson asked family friend and fellow QC student, Carson Jones, to see what was going on.

When Jones,a senior and starting quarterback for the Bulldogs, realized that Chy was being bullied, he decided to take action. While others may show their muscles and let their testosterone resolve the situation, Jones used his big heart instead.

Jones, along with other varsity players, Tucker Workman and Colton Moore decided to take Chy under their wing. The team then befriended Chy at lunch by having her sit with the team. In addition, the players ensured that that there was always someone around Chy throughout the day.

Johnson has just been tickled to death. "They are my boys", she says was a contagious smile.

The school and the team have rallied around her and have given her a new outlook on school. She is a regular on the sidelines at the games and was recently named "Queen Creek High School "Fan of the Week".

Johnson, recently told her story for an upcoming documentary, "LAWLESS AMERICA" where she tearfully explained what its like being bullied.

"The funny thing is we were there to talk about the special education system and Chy started crying so I was telling Bill (Windsor) about her being bullied at the beginning of the year and how the football players started watching out for her." her mom recalled.

The team has recently been nominated for the "Americas Team" award for their actions.

Johnson was diagnosed with Microcephaly when she was six months old. According to her mother, Chy should be a vegetable at this age of her life, but quite the contrary.

"She has exceeded all expectations thus far and will continue to blow them outta the water."

The life expectancy of those afflicted with the disease is 25-30.

Chy's winning streak seems to have extended to "HER BOYS."

The undefeated Bulldogs have extended their winning streak, by handily winning their first playoff game, 63-27.

Seems like the Bulldogs are as lucky to have Chy as she is to have them.

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