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multi-colored hair in dreadlocks de colores


Dreadlocks de colores.


Seen at a Manchester City Football Club event - hence all the blue shirts.


It took place in Albert Square and it was to introduce the manager Sven-Goran Eriksson and the new team to the city (as opposed to the City!) after the takeover by Thaksin Shinawatra. This certainly led to a new beginning and resurgence in the Club's fortunes which meant that on the weekend of 22nd May 2011 City finished in the top three of the Premier League, with automatic qualification to the main bit (probably not the correct wording) of the European Champions League for 2011/12. There has since been an open top bus event in Albert Square to celebrate the team winning the 2011 FA Cup. And now City have won the Barclays Premiership in 2012. Deja vu? And now FA Cup Finalists against Wigan Athletic in 2013


Well done to everyone at the Club.


On 12/1/2010 this was 21st out of 7,000,000+ on Google Images for a search for "multi colored". In October 2010 it had moved to 12th out of about 4,000,000 - and via Flickriver not Flickr. Not sure why..................


Update 10/1/11 - now back showing as Flickr and 14th out of about 5480000 images and 13/3/11 12th out of 15,500,000 - it's all very mysterious. I think this depends to some degree where you are located and which browser you are using as it seems to be different on Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. On 25th March 2011 Flickr Stats showed it as 3rd on a search for best dreadlocks in the world but for some reason it was only on page 5 of The best dreadlocks in the world. As at October 2011 the photo was getting hardly any new views via Google Images having slipped dramatically down the "multi colored" rankings.


I'm also mystified about how a photo gets it interestingness status, although I've read what Flickr says. The "most interesting" dreadlocks shot on Flickr has about the same number of comments and faves but about half the views as this one, but I'm pleased you stopped by to look.


Dreadlocks, dreads, dreds, dredlocks or just locks / locs?


Coloured or colored?


Colorful or colourful?


Multi-colored, mehrfarbig or multi-coloured?


Red, blue, orange, purple, green and pink.


The colours of the rainbow - dreadlocks de colores


Dyed or natural - or both?


Beaded , braided and "belled"


Funky cool and crazy


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Taken in August 2007