Day 182 - Give Peas a Chance

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    Sing along with me,

    "All we are saying....
    Is give peas a chance."

    Pretty much, my answer to the sentiment is NO.

    This is my late entry to International "I Spy A Fork" Week. Also, this is my one hundred eighty second photo for 365 Days.

    20 May 2007

    IKEA Halogen Desk Lamp lights this, about 6" away and just off-camera. I added a pop of bounced flash to add a highlight or two.

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    1. missMerical [deleted] 96 months ago | reply

      good use of selective desaturation, it really brings the focus to the peas=) which are tasty.

    2. Rafa from Brazil 96 months ago | reply

      No peas thank you! I really don't like peas.

    3. LarryB 96 months ago | reply

      Normally, I really like peas. Somehow, these are yucky-looking.

      How does that old rhyme go?
      I eat my peas with honey
      I've done it all my life
      It makes them taste peculiar
      But it keeps them on my knife.

    4. clarity25 96 months ago | reply

      Awesome shot! I love the selective coloring and composition. Give Peas a chance...hehe

    5. eriadorain [deleted] 96 months ago | reply

      Ug, peas are horrible!

      Normally I'm annoyed with the selective coloring since it's used so often, but this one is pretty cool.

    6. Dave77459 96 months ago | reply

      @miss merical - I wanted the peas highlighted, so thanks.

      @Rafa - I knew I liked you!

      @LarryB - Cute poem! If these peas look yucky, imagine how they taste.

      @Clarity - He he he!

      Thank you Bonnie. That's a very kind thing to say!

    7. KagiePix 96 months ago | reply

      don't we all want whirled peas?

    8. *boheme* 96 months ago | reply

      You crack me up!!! I just started eating peas.....I'm still not sure how I feel about them though.

    9. Dave77459 96 months ago | reply

      @KagiePix - That's tomorrow's photo. Stay tuned.

      @Amanda - I looked hard to find a three-tine fork to use in this photo. The only one I had was for olives or something. I'm always thinking of subtle ways to make my photos interesting for you. :-)

    10. *boheme* 96 months ago | reply

      Haha! Thanks! Did you see the shot Cayusa did?

      I love being tortured by you guys! : )

    11. kronoskid 96 months ago | reply

      I like peas! :-)

      Great selective color use!

    12. Dave77459 96 months ago | reply

      I did not Amanda. Hilarious! We track your 'stream just to see what other pet peeves you have.

      Thank you kronoskid. I think making the photo square boosted the apparent size of the peas, making the selective green better. Sorry you like peas.

    13. dayzoid 96 months ago | reply

      I look at this and all I can hear is "Eat your peas!" like it was a frequent command in our house, growing up.

      Do you know the movie, A River Runs Through It? You know the scene where the young brother is still at the table, hours later, because he won't eat the porridge? That was me and peas. Amazing that I actually am ok with peas now, given the pea torture in our household.

      Eat your peas! :-)

    14. magandafille 96 months ago | reply

      Cool selective coloring, hehe!

    15. grace*c* 96 months ago | reply

      mmmm I love peas. Excellent choice of desaturation. Great job!

    16. Dave77459 96 months ago | reply

      @dayzoid - I never saw that movie, but I can relate to spending hours at the table due to abstinence. If you can learn to eat peas, maybe I can too.

      Uh, no.

      Thanks Joanna and Cory. A little desaturation goes a long way.

      @Alliwishis - Thanks for the fave!

    17. elee1147 96 months ago | reply

      great selective coloring....

      you are hilarious!

    18. taraly777 [deleted] 95 months ago | reply

      I need to know which software you are using to do this type of picture, okay? Pleeeeease??
      Oh, I haven't been on in a while... day 184, yeah..... Jamie told me about it.. I can't believe you did THAT!

    19. Dave77459 95 months ago | reply

      I am using FREE software called The GIMP. Pretty powerful, but mostly it is free. I'd rather use CS3 but I am not a pro nor independently wealthy.

      AFA as Day 184, I love the new chair but I love Jamie more.

    20. ivik81 84 months ago | reply


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